“GPS Nipple”    Spilt Milk Comedy, O’Connors, May 2013

“Electric Lobsters”    Spilt Milk Comedy, O’Connors, September 2012

“V Needs a Vacation”    Curious Comedy Theater & A Child’s Way Fundraiser, February 2011

“Big Hair Whiplash” Airplay Cafe, June 2009, Curious Comedy Theater, January 2010 & January 2011   

“June Cleaver Key Party” Curious Comedy Theater, October 2010, Wordstock Festival, October 2010

“The Morning News with Tank and Coco” Curious Comedy  & Portland Rose Festival, June 2010

“The Preschool of Theoretical Physics” Bridgetown Comedy Festival & Portland Rose Festival 2010

“Civilization and the Wild Toddler” Curious Comedy Theater & Portland Expo Center Kidfest, 2010

“Cat Sundays”  In Other Words Bookstore, April 2010

“The Unraveling” AROHO Portland, March 2010, Oregon Literary Review, May 2010

“The Art of Masterful Basting”, Curious Comedy Theater, November 2009

“I Was So Pregnant I Peed My Pants”, Airplay Cafe, October 2009

“The Care and Feeding of Alphabet Pal” Airplay Cafe, September 2009

“Mooon”, “Sophia” & “Big Bathtub Doobie”   Give Mama the Mic, Airplay Cafe, May 2009


BIGFOOT AND THE DEVIL Semifinalist Austin Film Festival, 2010

COLLAPSE, Austin Film Festival Top 10%, 2012

SUPER ANXIETY WOMAN, Austin Film Festival Top 10%, 2012

THE UPPER CRUST, Austin Film Festival Top 10%, 2012


Executive Producer/Writer/Director, Backspace

Co-Producer, Time Out Comedy Show  2009-11

Producer, “Give Mama the Mic”, MAY 2009

Articles and Poems

“The Poetry of Parenthood”, Portland Family, October 2010

“The Care and Feeding of Alphabet Pal”, Portland Family, August 2010

“Jacki Kane Gives Parents a Time Out”, The Portland Upside, December 2009

“Kill Supermom”, Mamapreneurs, MARCH 2009